Welcome to Rombus Services Ltd – Welcome to Cyprus

Rombus Services Ltd is a professional company based in Cyprus offering support and consultancy services and provides business solutions to international corporate clients in order to establish and maintain a company in Cyprus.

Cyprus enjoys a free market economy with its strategic location at the crossroads of three continents acting as a financial and commercial cornerstone to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Following Cyprus’s full membership of the European Union on 1 May 2004, its legislation, including tax legislation, is in harmony with the European Union directives, guidelines and the OECD. This harmonised tax legislation maintains and enhances the competitiveness of Cyprus as a financial centre by:

  • Offering unique tax opportunities with one of the lowest corporate tax rates within the EU
  • A network of favourable double tax treaties with 40 countries,
  • No capital gains on profits from sale of shares and securities
  • Exemption on foreign dividends received and paid out.